Fables play Old Blue Last in Shoreditch

quick note: for responsibility reasons ohdearyme must state that Michael doesn’t really mean he wants anyone to actually punch kate nash.. it’s a joke. So don’t do it… ok.. carry on …

Today I went to see Fables play – a six piece Shoreditch band recommended by my friend Mikel.

I heard they had a likeness to Echo and the Bunnymen.. I heard they were Shoreditchers.. and I heard they were Goths. These rumours had me almosta tremblin. But I found out the real truth.. in a proper detective style. I went to see it for myself.. They’re myspace page really does not compliment their live performance. Thank f*cking god.. Because they’re live performance is impressive.. and it seems to me that they don’t even have to put that much effort in.. I mean they’ve only played 11 live gigs together as a band..

With their unpretentious attitude, charm and talent I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get snapped .. er what do you mean they’ve just been signed.. ?

See a clip here..

[vimeo 4538012]


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