MAKE UP CHAT: Bourjois

Spring time is a great time to clean out your make up bag and change that look you’ve gotten so comfortable with. Why not add in some fresh pink candy shades to brighten and freshen up…

Amy Childs, Cheeky Monkey and Free Tom Vek Remix

Amy Childs

Oooooh look who I bumped in to today. It’s only that Amy Childs lady off tha telly. I was feeling ok about my breast size until I stood next to the perfectly tanned busty model. I…

Bourjois Boutique.. beauty thumbs up..

[wowslider id=”9″] I’ve just been milling about the Bourjois Boutique that has set up shop at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch – open from 12- 5pm everyday til the 20th February it’s offering free makeovers, manicures…..