Ok that’s a random pairing I know. But we’re all about random on ohDearyme. The nice people at Wahanda gave me some vouchers so I went down to Anesis in Clapham Common to experience a fish pedicure..that was after my interview with the lovely Kyla La Grange – maybe one of the most genuine of artists I have interviewed.


But what was my diagnosis of the fish pedicure you ask? So (Kyla if you’re reading this) out of 5 I would have to give it an unsure 3.5. Whilst the tanks were clean and hygienic and the staff professional – I just felt that the place had quite a clinical air about it. The experience lacked a certain ‘personal touch’. Like having a coffee when you’re having a haircut. I guess it didn’t help that every magazine I picked up had Peter Andre on the front. Nothing against him – just it’s good to get some diversity in your reading literature you know? The initial part of placing your feet in the water is a ticklish and alien feeling that I’m sure is the hook that reels the people back for more (like what I did there?). And whilst I enjoyed the experience there were certain areas of my feet that I wanted the fish to concentrate on but I just didn’t know how to communicate this to them. I do, however recommend that you try it out if not once – because it is a fun experience.
Thx to Rachael Mc Cann on the camera.



The Inspiration Series is a trail of virals aimed to inspire the struggling musician.. the hard working entrepreneur or the artist staring at a blank canvas. It hopes to bring brands and music together in a financially unstable market.. to push the concept that it really can be the little things in life that mean something and that if we all help each other just that little bit – we can all flourish in our chosen path. Well… that’s the plan anyway.


I met up with the lovely Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and half of electro pop act Friends Electric (or @friendzelectric on twitter). We had a chat about product placement/success and just the general hardships of being in a band. This video has been sponsored by ESHK Hair Salon – who were nice enough to give me a haircut as part of my new mini vlog viral entitled ‘The Inspiration Series’. It was actually the best hair cut I think I’ve ever had…it’s a big thumbs up for ESHK in Hoxton for having actual hairdressing talent and for being able to cut a straight fringe. Many have tried…and failed. See the before and after shots below.

A cut and blow dry starts from £45 for ladies and a semi permanent from £50 (which is the package I had). Tucked away in a side street – ESHK is a cool and funky salon that offers great advice if you don’t know what you want..! The hairdresser featured is called Polly and is very approachable.

Also thanks to Joe from The Welcome Committee… and Jake Taylor for the grueling job of cameraman.

Featured music: 

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: The Golden Age
Right Click Save As: House

(Idea devised copyrighted and written in stone by Becki Burrows)


Well..this has been a fun packed week.. Friday night I was on BBC6 Music introducing some tracks that I like..and talking about my vlog and then early Saturday morning I went down to Rough Trade East for Record Store Day to interview the one and only Chilly Gonzales. I’ve been wanting to see him [perform] for quite a while and I’m ecstatic to announce that it was an amusingly mind blowing show…on stage Chilly has both a mix of arrogance and charm…which he can get away with… because.. he’s that good. And he knows it. Weirdly enough – after my interview I came home to edit (that’s not the weird bit) – I had Britain Got’s Talent on in the background and was shocked to see Marawa the Amazing from Chilly’s video ‘Never Stop’ pop up as a ‘hopeful’.. nice to see a few acknowledgements on twitter campaigning for her…! ‘A Chilly Day’ you might say. Now please check out our interview here with the man himself!!!

ohDearyme featured on BBC6 Music

As I said I was on BBC6 Music on Friday night – you know.. just introducing a few tracks.. as you do.. for a new show that pulls in music that’s mainly being hyped up online – it was really nice to introduce one of my favourite bands Tim Ten Yen. If you missed it and would like to listen.. I come in at about 1 hour 21 secs:
or for the full show line up:


Here is an interview with the ‘solo’ indie rock’n roll artist – King Jacks..enjoy!

Here more of his music here:

Thanks to Stephane Massey on the camera..

Over and out..

Becki B x


I went to Super Color Super this weekend in Hongdae Seoul, South Korea to check out some new music and caught up with Bamseoum Pirates an angry grindcore band from South Korea. We had a little chat about what inspired their music..

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