It’s Monday.. it’s been a tough day. You don’t need any screeching from Corrie or Eastenders. Give yourself a break. But don’t eat a kit kat (bad for you and the environment). Sit back and tune in to this pretty trippy psychedelic video entitled ‘Who’s Gonna Lite It Up’ from Cornershop. It’s taken from their forthcoming album ‘Urban Turban’ album due to be released on 14 May.

Quite liking the bongos on this track too:

I’m also listening to The Barker Band who held their launch party for their fourth album at Kentish Town on Friday night. This is a fun group who are more suited at a muddy festival than a drinking hole. The vocals are led mainly by Nella Johnson who has a powerful on stage presence. They have sculpted their image well. I love the wellies.


Off to toot on the kazoo. Cheer up it’s Tuesday tomorrow!

Becki Bx

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