I went down to The Hideaway last night for a night hosted by the Hot Vox team. Here I had the pleasure to catch Jess Roberts and band perform – here is some footage of her performing her song ‘Audience’:


From Razorlight’s management – here is the Hedoniacs debut single ‘Can’t Tie Me Down’…(produced by Brendan Lynch: Primal Scream)


The music speaks for itself really doesn’t it….


Engine EarZ Experiment – are a fully live act described as ‘Massive Attack for the dubstep generation’. Fresh from having recently supported The Streets on tour – Mike Skinner has described them as ‘the one’s to watch’. Take Mike’s advice and watch their debut single featuring Lena Cullen:

MORE remixes:


Far far away in a distant land…across the ferocious seas….somewhere near ‘Stillwater Regional Airport’ in Oklahoma – there are four men and a lady making hauntingly mysterious sounds together. I was intrigued by these sounds. And these men. And the lady.

Listen to the single For 12:

Describe your music to those who haven’t heard of you in five words:

Layered, percussive, ambient, orchestral, melodic.

Who does what in the band?

Jesse Tabish – Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar (me)
Jonathon Mooney – Violin, Trumpet, Guitar Piano
Jenny Hsu – Cello, Violin, Vocals, Autoharp
Josh Onstott – Bass, Keys, Percussion
Colby Owens – Drums, Clarinet

Where does the inspiration come from for your music?

This latest record took a lot of inspiration from classical music. The inspiration for the subject matter comes from a number of things like the landscape around us, or historical events.

Did you know you had talent? 

I feel like talent is pretty insignificant compared to time. I just knew that I loved music and, therefore, put a lot of time into it.

Who would your ideal festival line up be?

Max Richter, The Ramones, Neil Young, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass

Is the cup half full or half empty?

Half Full

What is the meaning of life?


‘Tamer Animals’ will be released in the UK on August 29th


Might as well listen to some good music whilst Christ is making his mind up which of us is going with him then eh!!

FREE download from Kitsune – minimix by Jerry Bouthier – it’s good –

FREE download from CocknBullKid – Asthma Attack (Viers Remix) who releases her album on Monday – and if you’re still here and haven’t been taken to off to heaven and assuming Anita hasn’t either there will be an in-store show at Rough Trade East (Tues 24th May, 7pm)

FREE download from new band on my radar – Oui Ja Yes – we’re all going to electro heaven….

FREE download from Kyla La Grange’s second single “Been Better”… which if you’re still here for the Apocalypse will be quite fitting I guess.

Well.. there you go – good luck on your spiritual journey. I’m off to repent – although the Battle of Armageddon between Jesus and Satan does sound quite exciting – and it would be a shame to miss it…


Becki Bx

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