Becki Burrows

I have a new, alternative website that showcases my photography and editorial skills. You can find this at www.beckiburrows.me

My name is Becki Burrows and I am the Creative Director of ohDearyme! I am based in London and am an independent #filmmaker. I have experience in presenting, editing, filming and directing. I am also a trained #MUA (Make Up Artist).

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This site has been evolving since 2007.. when I embarked on a project (with a little bit of help from my friends) to ‘blag’ it in to festivals, sneak backstage and interview some famous musicians. I managed to shoot, edit and present my own online TV show, which I got online faster than any mainstream broadcaster. I would then go to my day job for 9am on a Monday morning.. (..yes! After no sleep!). I was shortlisted for two Channel Four Talent Awards on the back of that.

becki burrowsThis resulted in many brands wanting to work with me. I was sent to New York to interview Usher on behalf of Vodafone – a competition I won after being voted through three rounds on myspace (yes old skool).

The film I created in New York led to further commissions from the brand.

Flaming Lips outtake: Wayne Coyne..

I am lucky to say I have travelled to festivals in various different countries interviewing lots of different artists and musicians. I have also lived in South Korea and have even been ‘Brit Girl’ at the Brit Awards for Company Magazine.


Becki Burrows


I studied BA (Hons) Interactive Media at Bournemouth University where I gained a 2.1 in 2001. This degree was creating projects using software packages such as Flash/Director MX etc. In my final project I chose to create and programme an interactive video game in Director MX.

My dissertation I wrote on the topic: “Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Daily Express” – Is The Daily Express’ Coverage of asylum seekers and refugees negative?”. 

Post uni, and on my move to London I was lucky enough to get a break as an intern at MTV2 in Camden. This would include meeting and having the opportunity to work with some high profile people; such as Paul McCartney, Zane Lowe, Drew Barrymore to going on tour with the crew (sometimes as the only female on board).

From there, I then went on to gain experience in several production companies and broadcasters (such as ITV where I worked as a Multimedia Producer)Becki Burrows CV_2017

Becki Burrows


I am interested in making films – that have a social conscience and that help change situations for the better.

I have experience of volunteering for several organisations; for instance Eaves Charity in South London that works with survivors of domestic abuse.

Currently, I volunteer at Citizens Advice in Portobello Road.

I love films, documentaries, music, art, philosophy, swimming, eating nice food, learning new things, cycling, learning new skills, meeting new people, talking to people, experiencing different cultures, books.

My favourite book: Mans Search for Meaning by Victor E Frankl

Favourite film: tough one – but it’s between The Labyrinth, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Stand by Me, American Beauty.. ok I haven’t got a favourite film.

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The content I have created has gone on to win the following competitions:

2007: Won! the Pepsi MaxCast bloggers prize.
2008: Won! the Vodafone Myspace Reporter comp (voted through 3 rounds) to fly to New York to i/v Usher – led to further commissioned work from Vodafone.
2008/2009: Shortlisted for a CH4 talent award two years running.
2009: 2nd in global Smirnoff youtube comp for England for filmmakers.
2011: Won the See Africa Differently competition.
2011: Shortlisted from 160,000 to final 6 for ‘Best Celeb Blog’ in the Cosmo Blog Awards.
2011: Won! The Company Magazine competition to be the Brit Girl 2012 at the Brit Awards.
2012: Chosen to appear in the global Nokia advert for the Nokia Lumia
2013: Selected for the Nokia Lumia competition to compete with five other bloggers to submit a report on the #manofsteel premiere. Won!
2014: Scholarship with Discovery to the NFTS – part time course in Factual Production
2014: Expedia – #travelthatmatters campaign for the Philippines
2016: Trained as a MUA (Make Up Artist) at London School of Make Up – MASA accredited – Distinction!
So.. yep. That’s me! Get in touch?
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