Intro’ing some new music I’ve happened to come across down in London town..

Rob Johnson is a musician from London – whom I recently had the luck to stumble upon playing at the ‘London Guitar Night’ at the Troubadour… which happens on the 1st Sunday of each month. This very talented light fingered acoustic genius had the room captivated in what can only be deemed as a meditative awe.. well worth checking him out live! You won’t be disappointed..

Listen to more tracks from his album HERE

Rob’s website can be found HERE 

Tweet some love @robjohnsonmusic

Tweet me some love.. @ohDearyme 😉

Also highly recommended is from Eastbourne’s Jack Turner who from the looks of his website is busy cultivating his debut album.. I don’t have much info about him.. but after having a peek at his Facebook can tell you that he is male… and likes food. And doesn’t seem to like modern day pop music – so I’m guessing he’s not a fan of X-Factor. All good then 😉

Join his Facebook HERE

Good stuff… enjoy



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