Hey…. so Reading Festival 2013. Pretty awesome stuff huh? Huh? To be honest I might never get over finally FINALLY seeing Green Day live.. And now I can add Eminem to my list too. I saw some pretty awesome acts.. Fenech Soler, people went crazy for Imagine Dragons… The Wytches… Is Tropical.. Sub Focus well there was almost a genre for everyone. Almost.

So here is a mini highlights video I created filmed by cameraman Phil Timm…  of my experience of the festival featuring snatches of interview moments with New Found Glory, Is Tropical, Baby Haim, White Lies and there are a few of you festival goers in there too. Not too many though – we weren’t really allowed to film out front. Just don’t tell anyone ok. Specially the BBC.

Until next time. Be good.

Becki Bx





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