OMG I’m literally so excited! (Oh no.. did I really just say that?). I heart chickflicks and haven’t seen a great one since Bridesmaids… August 16th brings the release of comedy Bachelorette.. which Lionsgate are claiming to be one of the biggest cross platform releases.  All that means is that on August 16th you can either watch this film in the cinema – or in the comfort of your own home..or buy it straight away as a download.

The cast includes underrated Lizzy Caplan one of my favourite actresses.. Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson..


There are not enough chick flicks in the world to keep a girl sustained. Not enough good ones anyway…I’ve just finished watching Orange is the New Black.. (watch it!!! SO GOOD!) and I’m starting to feel a bit lost without the characters.

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