The View From Here is an original, well presented yet currently unfinished film by talented filmmaker Kevin Lambert. Out in Korea teaching English, Kevin is raising funds so that he can finish his movie which is presently only partly made.

The story explores the relationship between an American couple (Wendy Taylor as Isabel and Miles Meili as Ray) that spend more time miserable than happy and the idea of ‘saying everything that you should never say and the consequences of those actions’. A well written and explorative script which raises (quite a few!) questions towards the subject of fantasy and porn addiction within relationships. The film does an excellent job of conveying the reality of a troubled relationship and is an interesting example of the vulnerability people are exposed to in the conversations that might arise.

Watch more of what Kevin and the cast want from YOU here:

Watch the FILM and read more HERE

Excellent acting, original idea.. well presented and well made. (Almost) on a par with Blue Valentine and probably made with a much (MUCH!) lower budget. Help Kevin and the cast create and donate.

Have a good day Becki Bx


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