J-Culture Fashion

Headed to Bentall Centre to visit Oliver Bonas who sells original quirky items. Pictured below.. Umbrella £15

One of the shops that stood out at the Bentall Centre – and which is worth a visit is the store Yumi. It creates a lot of its clothes in Japan and Korea – arguably the most fashionable countries in the world… my winter coat is Korean actually. Which makes me very fashionable.

I then went on to the Hyper Japan Event based in Earls Court.. here are a few pictures of the best dressed!

I want that wig.. 
Clothes sourced online from Japanese boutiques
L.O.V.E the makeup
 Outfit based on Soul Eater – an anime
Here is a plug to independent retailer where who are designing and creating all their own creations www.BunnyDeCoeur.co.uk

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